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This is a special company. I first met Josh when he was the designer at Ludwig Drums. I was a huge fan of the A.T.L.A.S. line of hardware he'd come up with at Ludwig. So, when he ventured out on his own to start INDē I had to see what he was gonna do next. Well, he continues to impress and inspire with his drums and hardware. I currently own two of his snare drums (pictured). They definitely have a little bit of magic to them.


The top drum is a 6.5" x 14" All Brass Snare Drum. It's pretty special. It can handle heavy rock and sound huge and it has the sensitivity to support brushes for intimate and detailed playing. It covers a lot of bases and sounds great under a microphone.

The bottom drum is a collaboration between Jenkins-Martin Drums and INDē. It's a Blaemire Fiberglass shell with INDē hardware. This drum has this beautiful "throatiness" to it. And it just feels amazing to hit. This drum inspires you to play differently in all the good ways. 

Go check out all INDē has to offer.

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